This year, my son wanted to get involved with our Easter craft activities, so I let him choose what we should make. One of his favourite things to make are pom pom animals so he chose  a giant pom pom chick. You can also make little tiny chicks using the same process.

You will need: cardboard, a compass, large needle, yellow or white knitting wool, scrap of orange felt and thread. Click on the link below to get some gorgeous organic, plant-dyed wool.

Each chick is made using two pom poms; one large and one small.

Using a compass, draw the following circles on your cardboard; two large ones with the radius of 52mm with a small circle inside with the radius of 34mm and two smaller circles with the radius of 36mm and a small circle inside with a radius of 10mm.

compass, pom pom chick

Cut out the circles so that you have a hole in the middle.

cut pompom rings

Cut into the circles in one place.

cutting pom pom rings

Take a long piece of wool and double it up into a loop and lay it on your cardboard rings.


Lay the second ring of the same size on top.

pom pom chick

Make sure the cuts in your cardboard circles are not on top of each other. Let the ends of the loop hang on the outside of the rings.

winging the pom pom chick

Start to wind your wool around the rings until the hole in the centre is filled up.

winding pom pom chick

Do the same process with your smaller cardboard circles.

head and body go pom pom chick

Push the scissors between the two rings and cut the wool round the outside. Be careful not cut the hanging wool threads.

cutting pom pom chick

Draw the loop of wool which was laid between the rings tight and tie firmly. Carefully remove the cardboard rings and trim your pom pom. Once both pompoms are finished, tie them together using the loose loop wool.

pom pom chick

Cut out one orange felt triangle and sew it on top of the smaller pom pom to create your chick's beak.

beak pompomchick

ginat pompom chick

Our finished giant pompom chick, ready for Easter. You can also make tiny pompom chicks using the same method above, but make your cardboard circles smaller.  We made another little chick using these dimensions: large circle 26mm radius with a smaller circle in the centre with a radius of 17mm; and a smaller circle of 18mm radius with a tiny circle in the middle which was 5mm in radius.

tiny pompom chick




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