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Glockenspiel Block | Diatonic 12 Tone


sku: 700.KAD912



Twelve tone diatonic glockenspiel c’’’- d’’’- e’’’ - f’’’- g’’’- a’’’- b’’’-c’’’’- d’’’’- e’’’’ A semi advanced glockenspiel. Enables you to play music containing all whole-notes. For use at home, in school and much more. Comes with a rubber, a wooden and a hard plastic mallet. The hard mallet gives an extreme strong sound which enables you to use this glockenspiel together with regular instruments in an orchestra. Auris uses high quality precision tuned brass bars in the manufacture of their glockenspiels, which have a lovely bell-like sound

Tuning: Diatonic C major, C3 to G4

Includes: 2 different mallets, soft & medium.

Size: 32 x 12 x 4 cm

The wooden base is curved and made out of maple, while the brass bars are placed on rubber to create a long lasting tune

Made in Sweden by a community for adults with special needs.

Please Note: Second image shows the 12 Tone Block with the 8 Half-Tone Block

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