Family fun and home learning

As schools are now closed for the foreseeable future, parents are being asked to take care of our children’s education...Read more →

Jargon Buster: Schemas

Does your little one constantly put things in bags and carry them round? Do they enjoy putting things in drawers...Read more →

Jargon buster: Montessori and Steiner Waldorf education

You may have heard of Montessori nurseries or Steiner kindergartens or Waldorf schools, but what does that really mean? A...Read more →

Treasure Baskets for Babies

Gather a basket of treasures, spread out a blanket under a tree and watch your baby play and explore.  Brilliant...Read more →

Outdoor Play | Build a Den

Summer is a brilliant time of year for whiling away the hours in a den you've built yourself, or for...Read more →

Create a Toy Collection To Stretch Kids' Imaginations

Imagine a world full of possibilities; one where a cardboard box becomes a spaceship, castle or train and you can...Read more →

What Are Health Benefits of Craft and Art Projects for Kids?

76 percent of parents in the UK stated their kids engage in art club activities regularly outside of school. Active...Read more →

Do Today’s Children Still Have Bedtime Stories?

If you remember the anticipation of snuggling up at bedtime and waiting for Mum or Dad to come and read...Read more →

Why The Wobbel Board Is One Of Our Favourite Open-Ended Toys

We love our Wobbel balancing board. It's versatile, unique and promotes open-ended play. To begin with, I was worried that...Read more →

Nature Tables

Recently we have been asked by many of you how to create a seasonal nature table, especially summer inspired. A...Read more →

A bit about our packaging

Packaging was top of our list when we planned the launch of Conscious Craft and we continue to review it...Read more →

5 Reasons Why Role Play Is Important For Kids

As we expand our range of pretend play toys, I'd like to share with you my top 5 discoveries on the...Read more →

Birthday And Celebration Rings

I would like to share with you our family tradition of using Waldorf celebration rings to mark the birthdays of...Read more →

Final Delivery Dates For Christmas Orders

For delivery before Christmas, order before 12pm on:- Wednesday the 20th of December for standard delivery (2nd Class 2-3 days)-...Read more →

Shop-Up London December 2017

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10 Tips To Help Your Child Learn Maths

Maths is about so much more than learning numbers and to count. Maths is also about shape, pattern, space, measurements...Read more →

Child Development: Outdoor Play

Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, windy or snowy, children love to play outside. At the beach, park, woodland or garden if...Read more →

Why I choose to use natural face paints on my kids.

My daughter loves face paints. It does not have to be professionally done; she just loves to scribble, dab, cover...Read more →

5 Questions with Casiana and Jordi Founders Of Grapat Toys

We love toys that encourage open-ended imaginative play, creativity and development. That's why Grapat toys are so special! We would...Read more →

10 Tips to Get Your Child Writing

As summer holidays draw to a close and you start thinking about a return to school or perhaps school for...Read more →

Tomtect Workshop

What an incredible workshop! Thank you Tomtect for coming all the way from France to help host the event as...Read more →

Free Toy Construction Workshop at the Yard Yoga Studio, Forest Row

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Why we love Nanchen dolls & organic explained

Nanchen dolls are just so soft and cuddly and we jumped at the chance to add more to our growing...Read more →

10 Reasons to let Children Build

Building and construction toys are the ultimate open-ended creativity toy for all ages. Both my son and daughter (aged 8...Read more →

10 ideas to get your child drawing.

'All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.' Pablo Picasso I love...Read more →