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We love Grapat and so many of you do too, we're delighted to share with you what it was like for Tilly when she first played with her Grapat Happy Place set...

Hi! Amy here, the grown up behind Tillystoys! Tilly and I were delighted to be sent the new Grapat Happy Place set from Conscious Craft. My first thought when I opened the box was how well made the set is. All the pieces are cut beautifully, have smooth edges and are painted in the typical whimsical Grapat style. It is a beautiful looking set and is just the right size to live in a basket on a coffee table or shelf for ease of tinkering. It’s the sort of set that children just can’t resist exploring.


Tilly, who’s five years old, knew straight away what she wanted to create with it - a theme park!

 Grapat Happy Place | Conscious Craft

Her theme park is very carefully arranged and she spent a lot of time examining and experimenting with each piece to work out what it could be. Some of the pieces can be balanced on top of each other, some have curved edges, some look similar but are different lengths. It's truly magical to see a child examine a piece of painted wood and talk quietly to themselves about what it is. She settled on four different zones for her theme park where people can explore balance, play, seesawing and skiing.

 Grapat Wooden Toys | Conscious Craft

She added in some Nins to explore the theme park and then she invited me to join her in some small world play. We both really like that the pieces are all different sizes and cuts and that there is no clear purpose for any of them. It's one of those sets that maybe as an adult, it's hard to see what it could be used for but it's when you view it from a child's perspective that you realise its potential. The fact that it doesn’t have a clear purpose is what makes it so magical and fun to play with. It is a beautifully open-ended set with infinite play possibilities.

Grapat Wooden Toys | Conscious Craft

Written by Amy Grant

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