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We're thrilled to present this lovely article by the creator of Sarah's Silks, detailing how she started this delightful brand. Dive into the story behind this enchanting company, renowned for crafting the most magical play silks and dress-up cloths for children.

Blog written by Sarah.

As I enter my 30th year making toys, and my 60th year on earth I thought I’d share some things with you. Toy Inventing - in the Waldorf World

The first 12 solid colour Playsilks I dyed in my kitchen were initial successes in Waldorf classrooms and homes. Soon after I started making them, a local Waldorf kindergarten teacher asked me if I would dye her a special silk, one with all the colours of the rainbow to use in birthday celebrations in her classroom.

I immediately loved the idea, my son at the time was in Waldorf kindergarten himself and immersed in the beauty of rainbow colours. I soon got to work creating what would become the first Rainbow Playsilk, by dipping the silk first in yellow, then red and quickly over to blue, the overlap of colours created a beautiful blend featuring the entirety of the rainbow spectrum using only 3 colours. The Rainbow Playsilk has since become our flagship toy and is played with in classrooms and homes all over the world

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