• From Jennifer | Multiplication Coins | © Conscious Craft
  • From Jennifer | Multiplication Coins | © Conscious Craft
  • From Jennifer | Multiplication Coins | © Conscious Craft

Multiplication Coins with Pegs

From Jennifer

sku: 022.10025



These colourful little coins are 2.5cm diameter with a peg on the bottom for fitting them into the Hundred Frames. They offer even more learning and play with your number frames as your child places each into the dimples of the boards.  

Some activity ideas:

• Each row shows the number as it skip counts up until a multiple of ten.
• You can use these coins to create the multiplication chart and then use it for practicing multiplication and division. What is 3 times 5? Place one finger on the 3 at the top of the chart and 5 at the side. Then follow the row/column towards the middle of the board until your fingers meet and that's the answer!
• Reverse for division by starting with the larger number. What is 63 divided by 7? In the 7 column, find the coin for 63 and which row is it on? That's your answer to 63 divided by 7!
• Remove certain numbers from the board and ask your child what's missing? Then they replace the coins to finish the board.
• Use a row of colour all on its own on the board along with wood or wool balls to show the multiples of each number.

NOTE: These coins are printed using regular inkjet printer ink. It absorbs differently depending on the porosity of the wood, some coins may look a little blotted rather than full glossy coverage.

Age: 3+

Made in the USA

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