• Natural Earth Face Paint, 6 Colours | © Conscious Craft
  • Natural Earth Face Paint, 6 Colours, Eco, Organic ingredients | © Conscious Craft
  • Natural Earth Face Paint, 6 Colours, Eco-friendly | © Conscious Craft
  • Natural Earth Face Paint | © Conscious Craft

Natural Earth Face Painting Kit

Earth Paints

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Face painting fun for Halloween, festivals, or parties! Natural Earth face painting kits are safe, eco-friendly face & body paints with over 70% Certified Organic ingredients.

Washes off easily with soap and water. This is the most opaque, highest quality natural face paint available! 

Not only are the paints safe, but you will nourish your skin with healthy skin conditioners such as organic fair-trade shea butter and organic castor seed oil.

This face paint is certified non-toxic, and it is free of nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and animal products such as carmine. 

See 'further product details' below for more information and detailed ingredients. 

The Natural Earth Face Paint Kit contains:
6 containers of face paint
3 eco-friendly makeup applicators with bamboo and corn resin handles (designs vary from photos)
Colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white

Made in USA   

PLEASE NOTE: Only available to UK

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Further Product Details

Please note that this is face and body paint like the paint they used thousand years ago. This is completely natural made of clay and other natural ingredients. There is no way that you can compare it with the face paint, they make nowadays with all additives to make it smooth and easy to handle. Those paints are always included with toxic ingredients.

Ingredients: distilled water, natural clay & mineral pigments, organic castor seed oil, Certified Organic beeswax, Certified Organic Shea Nilotica (Fair-trade Shea butter), glycerin (from coconut oil), cetearyl alcohol (from natural vegetable oils), carageenan seaweed, olive-mulse (olive based emulsifier), and 1% Optiphen (a formaldehyde-free and paraben-free preservative).

Size of each pot: 11ml

Natural Earth Face Painting Kit