Sharing the puzzle around piece by piece, my baby girl (aged 1) explored her new Christmas present, a Grimm’s large wooden puzzle. Even the cat got a little heap of coloured blocks. It wasn’t not just hers though. We wanted her brother (aged 7) to enjoy it too and called it a joint present. He didn’t take much notice to begin with and then slowly he began to change the patterns, by placing different colours together.

Imagine a whole world

Since then, he has enjoyed creating many different patterns and complex colour combinations. He has created monsters and spaceships, towers and fortresses, bridges and robots. The possibilities for creative play are endless. Even visitors can’t help admiring the puzzle and picking up the pieces to play.

There are not many toys that a 7-year-old and a 1-year-old can enjoy together and separately, with friends and adults too. The moment we realised this, we were inspired to start selling eco-friendly wooden toys on our website: Conscious Craft.

New wooden toys

We’re really excited to bring you a range of eco-friendly toys to complement our existing range of carefully chosen natural craft products. Choose from wooden building and stacking blocks, a portable doll’s house, cars, trucks, organic soft toys, puzzles, slacklines and more. We’re stocking well-loved brands of Grimm’s, Nanchen, Wooden Story, Kenana Knitters and Corvus.

Sensory delight

Hand-made wooden toys appeal to all the senses. They look beautiful and the natural colours are strong and appealing. Each piece is unique and feels smooth to touch, smells of the forest and exploring with mouths is perfectly safe as it is free from toxins too. Also, banging them together will make pleasing sounds and help the coordination of younger children.

Learn through play

Extending children’s imagination and creativity is only the start, playing with wooden toys teaches them so much without them realising. As they build ever more complex structures, they are learning physics and geometry as well as developing fine and gross motor skills.

Built to last

The wooden toys we stock are 100 per cent natural and sustainable. They are strong too, so will last for generations. My children still play with my husband’s old wooden toys; they look amazing and have aged incredibly well.

Discover, explore and enjoy our new range of eco-friendly wooden toys, painted with natural colours.


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