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Get creative with fun eco t-shirt crayons

It was recently my daughters first birthday and my son wanted to make her presents. Not just one but several, this was important to him.
The plan was to decorate a plain white t-shirt using OkoNorm Waxtex Crayons, which are eco and safe. We used some washi tape to create a stencilled image of the 1st letter of her name, and made a border. You could experiment and create all sorts of interesting shapes, we even tried using cookie cutters but it was a bit tricky to hold down the mould whilst colouring on to the fabric. We experimented with all the colours by shading and drawing within our box. Feeling inspired by Jackson Pollock we got out a candle and melted the crayons, dripping colour onto our t-shirt, while trying not to to drip outside our border. It did get a bit messy and ruined our candle (I would not do this with children that are too young) but it was so much fun. Once our project looked finished, we ironed our image, took of the washi tape, and had a pretty cool t-shirt.