Tutorial on how to use our new egg decorating kits. image

You Will Need:

Our Luba Egg Decorating Kit, Eggs, Vinegar, Distilled Water, Jam Jars, Candles

Prepare dyes and blow out your eggs.

Before getting creative, cover up both the holes in the blown egg, top and bottom. This is to prevent any dye getting inside the egg.

If you have drawn a pattern in pencil, use your kistka to go over your line with hot wax.

Start to draw a design. Remember, you are going to be building up layers of colour through adding pattern. There is no need to fill the entire surface of the egg. This first layer will be white.

First layer of pattern.

Once you are happy with your initial design, dip into you first colour, start with the lightest colours first. Use a spoon to help hold your egg under the dye.

 Carry on with your drawing once your egg has been dyed. You can repeat this process (draw/dip in dye/draw) as many times as you like.

Here, another layer of wax is being applied onto the blue.


Last dip in egg dye.

Finishing egg decorating by taking off all the layers of wax by gently heating on the candle flame and rubbing the wax off with kitchen towel.

The finished egg

Results of our egg decorating day

Hang the decorated eggs on a branch to make a beautiful easter display

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