Wet on wet painting is so much fun, every one can do it and the results are always beautiful whether intense or subtle. What's especially great about this technique of painting is that you only need 3 colours and there is no age limit. It's also a great way to introduce colour theory without making it a lesson, the children will discover for themselves how colours interact and mix together. My son and I have taken photos of our painting day together to demonstrate this easy but effective painting technique. 

You will need:

Large flat paint brush, good quality watercolour paper, red, blue and yellow Stockmar Watercolours (you can also use watercolour paints from a tube), kitchen paper, glass jars, smooth painting board, sponge and a tray with water in it.



Soak your paper in a tray of water for at least 10 minutes.

Pour a little dollop of paint into your glass jar and add water. Mix well, the pigments can often drop to the bottom. You can either have your paint really intense or add more water for a subtle colour.

Watercolour paint mixed with water in glass jars with lids. They will keep in the fridge for months.

Place your soaked sheet paper on to your smooth board and sponge off excess water. Make sure there are no puddles or ripples.

You are ready to start painting. Make sure you have some kitchen roll.

Dip your paint brush in some water then dip it into your paint and start playing with shapes. When you want to use the next colour, clean your paintbrush in water then clean it on your kitchen roll.

My son was painting next to me, he loves bright colours.

I added the red and watched the lovely colour merge with the yellow, turning it orange.

Mixing red and blues, this is going to be bright.

Starting to look like a sunset

A bit of speckling technique, always fun but messy.

My finished painting

More speckling

My son's finished painting, he thought it needed some more work so he placed it under a running tap for a second.

The finished result, pretty amazing!

His next painting.

Have a great time trying this technique at home. I would love to see your results, please post on our Facebook page.

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