'Stained Glass' Paper Dragonfly 

You will need:

Scalpel, White Crayon, Black Card, Coloured Tissue or Kite Paper, Glue, Scissors.



Draw a large image of a dragonfly using your white crayon on the black card. The easiest way to do this is to draw a straight line, add the heart shaped head followed by oval, long body, wings. Shade areas you are going to cut out to create your stained glass effect. I have shaded the areas in yellow.

Start to cut out your shaded areas with a sharp scalpel. Use a cutting mat or wooden board underneath.

Once your dragonfly has been cut out, prepare your kite paper or tissue paper into strips about 3-4 cm wide and 15 cm in length.

This is the fun part. You and your little ones can start to stick your kite paper onto your dragonfly. Don't worry about overlapping colours. I think is adds a great effect.

Using sharp scissors, go around your dragonfly cutting away any of the excess kite paper.

Your dragonfly is finished and ready to stick on to your window using tiny bits of blutack.

Super Easy Pine Cone Bee 

You will need: 

Pine cone, pine needle, scissors,  yellow knitting wool, white kite or tissue paper and gold thread.

 Wind your yellow wool around the pine cone to make the bee’s body.

Cut out your bee’s wings from your white kite paper. Tie in the middle with gold thread.

Tie wings on to your cone. 

To make your bee more authentic, get two little pine needles and stick on to your bee creating antennae. 

Wearable Butterfly Wings

You will need:

Large sheet of paper, paints, paintbrush, scissors, wool or string

Using wet-on-wet painting technique (look at previous blog for a guided tutorial) paint your sheet of paper. Once dry, cut out your butterfly wings. Using your wool, thread through the paper to create two straps, almost like a back pack. This will help your little one to wear them on their back.







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