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Craft Ideas For Kids - Simple Easter Egg Decorations

Here is a selection of easy egg decorating ideas for kids. Ideal Easter craft activity for kids from age two upwards.

For a selection of natural egg dyes and egg painting kits; click here.

Rubber Bands

You will need a pack of natural egg dye, a boiled egg and rubber bands. 

1 - Make up your natural dye and leave to cool. Wrap your egg with different rubber bands, leave in dye for approximately 15 mins, take out, remove rubber bands and dry. Ready to eat.

egg decoration, rubber bands

dipping egg in dye

Finished Rubber Band Egg

Wax resist

Using a wax crayon, draw on a boiled egg, leave in the natural dye for 15 mins and you're done.

Wax resist Egg

Wax resist Egg

Wax resist Egg

Tissue paper egg

Cover your boiled egg in random paper tissue shapes by wetting the paper and applying it to your egg using a paint brush. Leave to dry & remove paper.

paper tissue egg

paper tissue decorated egg

paper tissue egg

Leaf Print Egg

Wet your small leaf or flower (coriander, parsley, fennel ) and place onto your egg. Cover your egg in a pair of tights, twist the end a secure with a knot. Place into your dye for about 5 -15 mins. Remove tights and leaf careful and leave to dry.

flower & leafe print egg

leave print egg

finished eggs