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Bunnies hopping in a Spring meadow, such a lovely sight at Easter time! Bring that image to life by making your own cute bunnies for your seasonal displays. They also make wonderful gifts, all year round!

You will need: Knitted square*, Yarn, Scissors, Wool Needle, Stuffing. Optional: Felting needle

*You can knit your squares in whatever yarn and size you like, but we used this Mini Yarn Set and knit 20 - 30 stitches on 4mm Bamboo Needles.

1. Cut a long piece of yarn and sew a triangle on one half of your square in running stitch.

The bottom of the triangle goes across the middle of the square, then take the yarn up to the middle of the edge above and back down to where you started.

2. Put some stuffing in the middle of your triangle and pull both ends of the yarn to gather the top half of the square around the stuffing.

We found that we needed about three times what we'd first thought once the yarn was pulled tight.

The knitting on the other side of your triangle will form the ears of your bunny!

3. Knot the yarn to hold your gathering in place. Take the longer piece of yarn and start sewing the outer edges of the rest of your square together, from behind the ears.

4. When you have brought together those two outer edges put some more stuffing into the gap at the bottom.

5. Sew up the bottom of your bunny, tucking the end of your yarn inside.

6. Take a small piece of stuffing or carded wool and shape it into a ball, then attach it as a tail for your bunny using a felting needle.

If you are not using wool for stuffing you also have the option of making a mini pom-pom and sewing it on. (You can find all you need in our Loome collection, and a tutorial in our Pom-Pom Easter Chick blog).

7. Enjoy the lovely bunny you have just made!

We thought our bunny looked a bit lonesome so we decided to give it a family, and here you can see some of them on the beginnings of our Easter nature table:

Mumma Bunny, (as my children have decided), was made using the wool we had left over from our Knitting Fork Tutorial, and it comes with this Organic Knitting Kit.

Bunnies on a field trip...

Looking for carrots!

Happy Easter everyone, from us and the bunnies x

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