Christmas Gnome image

Once upon a time there lived four little gnomes… And here is how you can make your very own!

You’ll need:

Wool felt squares
Needle and thread 
Template for gnomes-
Wool for beards and hair 
Wool for nose
Felting needle

Step one 

Trace your template onto your felt squares and cut out.

Pattern and felt

Step two

Fold the gnome outline in half and blanket stitch up the tummy and up the hat.

Blanket stitch gnome shape

Step three 

Stuff with stuffing- be careful not to over do it!

Step four 

Place the bottom circle at the base and blanket stitch around. 

Gnome with wool stuffing

Step 5

Gently tease the strands of wool apart for the beard, less is more! It’s surprising how a little goes a long way. Push the wool into the stuffing using the felting needle. You only need to push it in a cm at most.

Gnome and wool

Step 6

Gently tease strands apart for the moustache, this should be a bit shorter than the beard and push in and shape with your needle. 

Creating the beard of the gnome

Step 7

Roll up the wool for the nose into a loose ball and push in with the needle, shape a round nose; I think a big nose always looks very cute. Little and gentle movements is the trick. 

Gnome taking shape

Step 8

Gently tease apart strands of wool for the hair and push into the stuffing around the nose 

Step 9

Trim any necessary wool away, do this with caution as you can’t add it back on without thickening the beard/hair.

Step 10

Place him somewhere special in your house/gift him to someone you love/carry him in your pocket always.


Christmas Gnomes

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