stained window stars

Last year, our craft blog on simple Waldorf-inspired paper stars was so popular, I thought I'd add a slightly more complicated version for you to make and decorate your Christmas window. I would recommend creating this star with children 6+ as it is a little more fiddly but looks amazing and actually just needs a little practice.

You will need: Kite paper & glue

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Prepare your kite paper by cutting in half to make a rectangle - cut 8 pieces.

Creating your crease lines

1 - Fold your rectangle paper in half. This is your centre crease line.

2 - Fold tips 1 & 2 to your centre line, creating a point.

Paper Star Fold

Paper Star Fold

3 - Your shape should look like the start of a paper plane. Next fold the two outer tips (1 & 2 ) to your crease line, see image below.

Christmas Waldorf star making

4 - Your shape should look like image below.

Christmas Paper star making

5 -  Unfold your paper; crease/fold lines are complete. Ready to start folding your star.

Crease Completed Paper Star

Folding Star - this is where it can get a little tricky, have a practice run first if you are not confident.

1 - Begin next stage by folding your two tips to crease no 2 & 6. See image above as reference.

Waldorf Christmas Stars

2 - Fold the two corner tips to crease no 3 & 6, fold the two top tips to your centre crease.

Waldorf Inspired Paper star making

3 - Your shape should look like this.

Next Stage Paper Star

4 - Fold the outer points to your centre fold, see image below. 

Waldorf stained glass paper star

final folds

5 - Your shape should look like this.

Christmas Paper star -making

 6 - Fold the two sides on the opposite side of your sharp point, the shape should resemble a mini kite.

Folding stage Christmas stained glass paper star

 7 - Fold the centre points back on to themselves, do this on both sides.

Next stage Paper stars

 8 - Fold the points back onto themselves.

folded ends of kite paper star

9 - Your final folds are complete - do this process to the remaining 7 cut pieces. It does get easier and quicker the more you do!

no more folding of kite star

10 - Your 8 star points, ready to assemble.

8 pints ready to stick

11 - Turn your folded shape, so the folds are facing the table, add glue to the back right corner and place the next folded shape on top of it. 

assembling star

12 - It should look like image below.

two points of star done

13 - Stick 7 points all the way around.

3 points done

14 - Your star should look like this, ready for the final point to be glued in place.

7 points of paper star complete

15 - For your final point, glue on the front, feed it through and glue on the back. All done!

final stage paper star

finished paper star

16 - Stick on window with a little blue tak.

3 stars

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