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Winter is a time for being cosy at home, so why not make a little cosy home to have on your table and add to that cosy feeling?! Quick to make from air drying clay, these little glowing houses are perfect for gifts this festive season.

You will need: Air drying clay, Rolling pin, Modelling tools or a knife. Optional: Clay shape moulds or icing cutters, Stamps

1. Slice off a piece of clay and roll it out until it's somewhere between 5mm - 1cm thick.

2. Trim the edges so that the bottom and sides are straight.

3. Cut a roof shape out of the top.

4. Cut out your windows using cutters or pottery tools.

5. Decorate your house, with a front door, stamps, and any other little touches you would like.

6. Carefully fold up the sides of your house, making the edge as flat as possible.

7. Prop your house up and put it somewhere safe to dry. It should be ready the next day.

One pack of 1kg Das clay gave us a little hamlet of 12 houses.

And just in case you needed a reminder of how atmospheric candlelight is... ta da!

The beady eyed amongst you might have noticed that not everyone in the village was home - make sure that you leave enough space for a tea light when you fold the sides of the house back! Placing one there whilst they dry would be a good idea.

We still have a good few houses lined up as presents, (with the smaller ones going to be kept for use with candle stubs or cake candles).

We hope you enjoy this quick and easy idea, and that you feel just as cosy when you're crafting them as when you see them lit up after!

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