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National Nest Box Week 14 - 21 February 

Take part in National Nest Box Week this half term, by making and hanging a nest box to help the bird population and create a place for birdwatching in your garden. 

We have a great wooden nesting box kit that is easy & fun to assemble. It's also a great introduction to woodwork. I recently made one with my kids (age 9 & 3). My little girl enjoyed watching and adding the glue to the bits that needed it, while my son did pretty much everything by himself with a little guidance from me. He felt a great sense of achievement when it was complete.

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 You will need: Bird Box Kit, wood glue, screwdriver & drill

BirdBox Layout

 1 - Lay out all your pieces to make sure that everything is correct. I have used the same abbreviated codes used in the German instructions in the kit.

Roof of Bir Box

2 - Make the roof by placing the left roof (DL) on top of the edge of the right roof (DR) and screwing it together, see above photo. Make sure that the holes in the middle of the board are facing each other.

Side of Nesting Box

 3 - Make sure the back piece (RS) is facing the correct way (the carved groove edging is at the bottom of the RS with the two holes is facing you. Line up the right side (SR) along the side of the back (RS), just above the carved groove straight edge and screw in place. Line up the left side (SL) with the left side of the back, it will be longer than the right side (SR), but the groove on it will line up with the straight groove of the back piece and screw together.

Bottom Slide

 4 - Glue on the bird perch on to the front (VS). Screw the front of the bird box (VS) on to the sides and slide the bottom (BO) into place.

Nesting Box

5 - Screw the roof on to the bird house box. Once you know everything fits, take apart, and glue all the edges, screw all the pieces back in place. Using a drill, make 4 small holes on the bottom (BO). This creates air vents for your bird box and you are done.

For more information on nesting boxes and the best location to hang them click on the link below.

Nesting Box Week Info




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