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This Easter, I was inspired by an image of a little animal shaped pot holding a cactus and thought that it would be a great little project to make with my kids.

After such a cold winter, it would be nice to bring a little spring into their bedrooms, with a mini Easter garden. Once your plant pot is made, you can fill it up with earth, and plant grass seeds, fill with moss and flowers as we have done or fill it with felt and nestle little wooden eggs.

This project is a bit fiddly and may be better to make with children aged 6 or older, depending on how much experience they have had with working with clay.

You will need - air drying clay, modelling tools, toilet paper roll and kitchen paper roll, sanding paper, soil, moss, spring flowers.

Buy Air Dry Clay

1 - Roll out a flat piece of clay using a rolling pin or a glass bottle

Roll Out Clay

2 - Draw on to the clay a long rectangle, approximately 16cm by 5cm. Use any sharp object to do the drawing, then draw bunny ears in the middle of your rectangle.

Draw Bunny Shape

4 - Cut out your shape

Cut Bunny Shape

5 - Roll your bunny shape around your toilet roll and blend/smooth the seam when the two edges meet so it forms cylindrical shape.

Roll bunny shape onto toilet roll

6 - Draw your bunny's mouth in the form of an x and make the eyes below your bunny ears. I used a apple corer to help me do this.

Make out bunny eyes and mouth

8 - Roll out another smaller piece of clay and place your bunny shape on top, cut round the base.

Base of bunny plant

9 - Cross hatch the bottom of your base and add some water.

Bottom of bunny plant pot

10 - Attach it (smooth and blend) to the bottom of your bunny to form the bottom of your mini Easter garden.

Attaching the bottom on to the mini plant pot.

11 - Using your fingers, go over your clay bunny with water to smooth out any imperfections. Cut through the kitchen roll, place your bunny inside and leave to dry overnight.

Leaving Bunny to dry

13 - Once dry, smooth out any bumps and rough edges using fine sand paper.

sand paper clay bunny

14 - Cut a small piece of plastic bag and place it into your bunny container, fill with earth.

Bunny filled with earth

16 - Cover the top with some moss or sow grass seeds.

Moss in bunny

17 - Sprinkle water and add some fresh spring cut flowers to decorate your little garden. Water your mini garden regularly to keep the moss and flowers looking fresh.

flowers in bunny

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