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It feels so right to be working with felt at Valentine's. Soft, smooth and snuggly, and so easy for little ones to create beautiful things for the people they love.

To make these Heart Handbags & Pouches you will need: Felt sheets, Heart shapes, Pencil, Scissors, Safety pin, Yarn/Embroidery thread, Needle

1. Draw around your heart shapes, making sure you have two of the same size.

2. Cut out your heart shapes.

3. Taking two hearts of the same size, pin them together.

4. Cut a piece of yarn or thread that is 3 - 4 the width of the widest point of your heart shapes, tie a knot in one end and thread the needle.

5. Starting on the inside of what is to be your handbag or pouch, where the curve of the heart starts to go down to the point, take your needle through the felt.

6. Bring the needle all the way round to the front and take it through the felt from the outside, opposite where you first went in. Go through the first hole you made again and repeat the process.

7. Moving down towards the point of the heart and going back up again on the other side, sew the edges together. You can make dots on the fabric to make it easier for younger children.

8. When you reach the point opposite where you started, secure your sewing with a double stitch again, so that it matches the other side. With your needle on the inside of the bag or pouch, knot your thread and cut off the excess.

9. Braid or finger knit your yarn to the desired length for a strap or handle. If you have some nice ribbon that will also do nicely.

10. Tie the ends of the straps or handles to the two strong stitches you made at the start and end of your sewing.

11. Fill your bag with lovely things!

We also made some mini pouches to hang up on Valentine's day, with little notes and treats.

And of course, as well as being perfect for giving things to people you love, these bags are also handy for keeping things you love close by.

As any mouse will tell you...

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Happy Valentine's! xxx

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