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I wanted to create our own Autumn-inspired woodland peg dolls for my daughter to decorate our nature table with. A royal family of gnomes was her idea. We spent the morning gathering acorns, small leaves and a pine cone. It's lovely being out in nature with children, whether it's a park, woodland or your garden. Along the way we chatted about the changing of the season, what it looks like, the colours and textures.

Once we had all we gathered our natural treasures, we set about making our royal family.

You will need - wooden peg dolls, glue, paint, acorn hats and leaves. We used 1 large peg doll, 2 medium-sized peg dolls (mother & big sister) and 3 little peg dolls.

Wooden Peg Dolls Autumn Craft

 1 - Paint your wooden peg dolls. We used vegan watercolours, which gives the wood a light, subtle colour.

Painting Wooden Peg Dolls

Painting Wooden Peg Dolls

 2 - Once painted, leave to dry for a few moments.

Painted Wooden Peg Dolls

 3 - Add some all purpose glue to your acorn hats and stick to all painted peg dolls except the largest one. My daughter was keen to make a crown for the king gnome.

Glueing Acorn Hats

Acorn Gnome Peg Doll

Acorn peg dolls

  4 - We wanted to create a unique crown for our father gnome. Using a hole boring tool, we created a hole in an acorn hat and did the same to the bottom of our small pine cone, add a toothpick into your pine cone and place into the hole of your acorn hat and glue onto your largest peg doll. 

Making Hole Acorn       Little Pine Cone

Little Pine Cone Craft       Gnome King Peg Doll

5 - My daughter wanted her peg dolls to have clothes, so we covered tiny leaves in glue and wrapped them around our painted peg dolls.

Hand Painted Peg Doll With Acorn Hat

 Little Forest Gnome Craft Ideas For Kids      Forest Autumn Peg Dolls

6 - Our finished royal peg doll family ready for play and decorating our nature table.

Peg Doll Gnome Family


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