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We are so excited about the arrival of a new craft kit in our store. It's a tin can lantern   making kit. Ideal for shedding a little light and warmth over the coming winter months.
We have never tried making tin can light before; a first for all of us.
These kits make it super easy and safe for all to have a go. I would recommend it for age four upwards.
Anything goes - you don't need to be a super artist. It is easy to create something beautiful and simple to use at home or for the kids to make as a gift in the lead up to Christmas.
It's also a great kit to introduce kids to using tools in a responsible and safe environment as well as introducing/discussing recycling/upcylcing everyday objects. The kit comes with 3 tins - if this is not enough you can buy extra tins from us, or use tins from home.

This kits contains - 3 tea lights, 3 golden tins, 2 wooden boards, 2 clamps, 5 screws, 2 nails, real craft hammer, large wooden roll & large screw with washer and butterfly screw.

You will need - Hand or electric drill with a 3ml bit, wood glue, pencil and ruler/tape measure.

Tin Can Lantern

1 - Start by marking your wooden board (the board with a hole), ready for drilling. Using a pencil, make 5 marks/dots 40ml apart, 15ml from the bottom edge, 25ml from the edge of your board. Make sure the logo is at the top and your marks are at the bottom of your board. Look at photo below.


2 - Using a 3ml drill bit, drill holes right through the board. Screw in the black screws so that they come out by 2ml on the other side. Place the second board underneath, make sure that the curvature of the grain is facing down, like a rainbow. See image below.


Tin Can lantern

3 - Lie the 2 boards on top of each other and mark the 2nd board using the tips of the screws. Remove. Drill 15 ml deep in your second board using your 3ml drill bit. Screw the two boards together. Next unscrew the boards. See photo below.

Tin Can Lantern

 4 - Apply wood glue to the edge of your second board.

Tin Can lantern

5 - Screw both boards back together.

Tin Can Lantern

Tin Can Lantern

6 - Place your large silver screw into your wooden roll. The head of the screw should fit into the end with the carved dip. Using the craft hammer, hammer it in tight. See photo below.

Tin Can Lantern

7 - Using the washer and butterfly screw, place your wooden roll into the whole of your board and screw on tight. See photo below.

Tin Can Lantern

 8 - Using the clamps, clamp on to your table.

Tin Can Lantern

 9 - Cut out one of the templates included in the kit and wrap around your can using masking tape. You can also create your own template on a piece of paper using a black marker.

Tin Can Lantern

10 - Place your can onto your wooden role, ready for hammering.

Tin Can Lantern

 11- Using your craft hammer and nail, start to hammer holes into your pattern (kit has 2 different sized nails for making large or small holes).

 nails into template

12 - Once you have finished going over your design, remove your template and you are finished.

finished tin can lights

highlights tin can


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