Summer Craft Projects for Kids 4 - Tribal Stick Crown

We were inspired by our flower crown afternoon and decided to experiment with the same process using coloured gathered sticks. My son loves playing warriors and had this idea for a fierce tribal crown he could wear on his adventures.

You will need: sticks, coloured chalk, raffia and scissors.

1 - Gather lots of thin sticks & colour by dipping coloured chalk in a little water. Our rainbow chalk comes in amazing vivid colours.

Nature Crown

Fun and messy.

Nature Crown

Nature Crown

2 - Make your raffia crown by plaiting some raffia and tying the two ends together to make a circle.

base for flower crown

3 - Stick your coloured twigs into the crown starting at the middle and working your way around; stop around 10cm before your knot.

tribal crown

4 - Gather your sticks together, creating a mini tipi-like shape and tie using a small piece of raffia.

Nature Crown5 - Stick a feather at the centre of your crown.

6 - Finished simple tribal crown.

tribal crown

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