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Your Easter Bunnies will love making these cute carrot pouches to collect their eggs in - a simple cutting and sewing craft that you can use as a basis for making other drawstring bags and pouches.

You will need: Orange and green felt sheets, Orange embroidery thread, Scissors, Safety pins, Needle

1. Cut out 2 triangles, with a longer point at one corner, from your orange piece of felt and 2 squares from your green piece of felt. Make the width of the squares a bit shorter than the width of the triangle.

The funny shaped carrots are always the tastiest ones, but the triangles we are using here are approximately 10cm at the top and 20cm along the sides.

2. Use a safety pin to secure the green felt pieces to the orange ones, with a 1-2cm overlap.

Try to pin as close to the bottom of the green square as you can, so that you can sew above it.

3. Making sure that the sides which show the green felt overlapping are facing each other, pin the two sides of your carrot together.

4. Cut a piece of embroidery thread which is two times the longer side of your carrot, with some extra for starting and finishing.

5. Tie a knot at one end of your thread and thread your needle, it's time to get sewing. Starting on the inside of your pouch just underneath the green felt, take your needle through one of the orange pieces, close to the outer edge.

 We closed the top of the pouch with a loop that went round, through the other piece of felt and back through the same hole again.

6. Staying close to the outer edge, sew running stitch along the two longer sides of your triangles.

The only thing you have to worry about with the size of your stitches is whether any eggs could escape!

7. When you reach the opposite point to where you started create another loop going round the outside of your carrot, and use the thread on the inside to tie a knot and finish your sewing.

8. Cut some more embroidery thread, this time two times the width of your green square, plus extra for the handles of your drawstring.

9. Again starting on the inside of your pouch, take your needle through the green felt at one end and begin some more running stitch.

Keep your sewing as close to the safety pin as possible as you will need another row of stitches above.

10. When you get to the other side of your green felt take your thread over to the other side of the pouch and continue your running stitch back to the direction you came from.

11. Repeat this process with another row of stitching above the one you've just done, this time starting from the other side. When you've finished knot the ends of your thread together on each side.

12. Cut down from the top of your green squares to create strips, aka carrot tops!

13. Remove your safety pins and pull the handles of your pouch outwards to close the top. (You might want to round the corners of the triangles slightly, to make it look more carroty).

All you need to do now is fill it with Easter eggs!

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