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Our holiday this year involved a long road trip. Every time we’re going on one of these adventures I try to come up with things to keep the kids busy in the back of the car. We have an activity bag that only comes out for journeys like this but inevitably they have always outgrown a few things. I like to put in a few surprises if I can and this year we tried out a knitting fork. Oh my goodness, it was perfect, and we were able to make other fun things for our holiday out of what we’d made on the way there.

You will need:

A knitting fork

Some yarn

  1. Feed some yarn through the hole in the fork, from the back to the front. Hold it in place with your thumb and pull your longer piece out to the side.

2. Loop the yarn around one of the prongs so that it goes through the gap and is behind the fork again.

3. Loop it around the other prong and through the middle again, so that you end up with a figure of 8.

4. Repeat this process so that you have one figure of 8 on top of another.

5. Push your loops close together and pick up your first lower loop.

6. Pull the loop over the top of the prong and then do the same on the other side.

7. Tighten up your knitting by tugging gently on the yarn that is coming through the hole in the fork. It should now look like this:

8. Create another figure of 8 on top of what you have already done and pull your loops over again, tightening as you go.

9. Kick back and relax with your audio book, and pretty soon you will have something that looks like this:

By the time we reached our destination we had a skipping rope!

Over the course of the holiday our braid also became reigns during role play, a limbo bar and - what proved to be the most fun of all - a wriggly worm for jumping over. (The aim of the game is to jump over the worm without touching it, though you never know when the people holding either end might make it move). So simple and so many giggles.

At the end of our time away our braid fulfilled its destiny as friendship bracelets. It was so sweet watching the kids gift these to the friends they’d made. Beautiful holiday keepsakes for all.

We had opted to use the knitting fork kit and thankfully there was so much yarn that we still had plenty left for knitting on the way home. I’ve had an idea for something else that we can do with this second braid, one that will help us get ready for going back to school. We’re going to use it as a cord in the spares bag that we’re going to make and decorate together. I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks!



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