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If I close my eyes and think of Autumn this is what I see:

At this time of year the forest floor and the edges of parks are littered with acorns, which to me means crafting time. There are so many treasures on offer from all the different trees and bushes, it’s at this time that our Nature Table is at its most busy. We always try to have an acorn in each stage that they go through, turning from green to yellow to orange to brown, checking on them every day and replacing the green ones when they change. Inevitably they all go a dark brown and pop out of their caps, leaving you with some beautiful crafting material! One of the simplest things you can do is wet felt your own acorns, and it’s a gorgeous sensory activity for children.

You will need: Acorn caps on long stems, Carded woolGlueA length of braided yarn, Warm soapy water, A towel for absorbing drips and spills.

Other autumnal treasures, such as Alder cones, Beech nut caps, Rosehips, Haw berries, pretty leaves.

Note: You can make an autumnal garland without felted acorns, but if doing so you will need to let them dry overnight.

1. Take a child’s handful of carded wool and dip it into the warm soapy water, which should be as hot as is comfortable for children’s hands. Squish the wool into a ball or oval shape. (Grubby towel effect achieved by forgetting to ask your son to wash his hands before starting).

2. Roll the ball between your palms to squeeze the water out and firm up the shape. Keep dipping it into the water and squeezing it out by rolling until it feels tightly held together.

3. Leave your acorns to dry overnight.

4. To assemble your acorns put a dab of glue into a cap and stick one of your felted balls into it. Leave to dry.


5. Take your length of braided yarn and start to weave your treasures into the gaps. This is where the long stems come in handy.

6. Decorate your home with your beautiful garland, or gift it to someone with an Autumnal birthday

Another lovely idea for crafting with acorn caps can be found in this previous Craft Idea on Peg Doll Acorn Gnomes.


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