Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas For Kids - Teasel Hedgehog

Last year, my son went to forest school camp, where they experimented with lots of nature-inspired crafts. My favourite was...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Tribal Stick Crown

Summer Craft Projects for Kids 4 - Tribal Stick Crown We were inspired by our flower crown afternoon and decided...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Nature-Inspired Summer Crowns

Summer Craft Project For Kids 3 - Nature-Inspired Flower Crowns. Recently I had an image on Instagram - a hectic...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Nature-Inspired Creepy Crawlies

Summer Craft Project for Kids 1 - Nature-Inspired Creepy Crawlies Long summer walks inspire me and my kids to forage...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Nature Masks

Summer Craft Project for Kids 2 - Nature Masks Ideal summer holiday craft activity for kids of all ages introducing them...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Flower Peg Doll

Making unique peg dolls is easy and fun to do. It’s a great way to create fun characters for your...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Simple Easter Egg Decorations

Here is a selection of easy egg decorating ideas for kids. Ideal Easter craft activity for kids from age two upwards. For a...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Pom Pom Easter Bunny

Using our pom pom chick idea, we decided to experiment a little and make an easier version for younger children...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Easter Egg Cosies

Keep your boiled eggs warm with our cute Easter-inspired felt cosy. It's a great project for encouraging sewing, cutting and...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Pom Pom Easter Chick

This year, my son wanted to get involved with our Easter craft activities, so I let him choose what we...Read more →

Christmas Craft For Kids - Felt Christmas Tree Decoration

Make colourful, modern felt decorations to hang on your Christmas tree. This idea is so easy that even your youngest can...Read more →

Straw Stars

We have always admired German traditional straw stars. They are beautiful, delicate and intricate. I love the fact that they...Read more →

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Felt Father Christmas Tree Decoration

Join us for a crafty countdown to Christmas! Each week of Advent we will guide you through Christmas crafts and...Read more →

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Paper Window Stars

This week, we have been decorating our windows with paper stars, making the house begin to feel Christmasy. Paper stars...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Star Paper Lanterns Buy all you need for this project by clicking on the link above. As the nights draw in and...Read more →

Craft Ideas for Kids - Autumn Nature Weaving

Autumn is such a gorgeous season with abundant colours and a distinctive smell in the air. It's time to start lighting indoor fires,...Read more →

Craft Ideas For Kids - Conker Fun

Forest floors and park paths are covered in crafting treasures during autumn. Perhaps the most exciting of all to collect are...Read more →

Craft Ideas for Kids - Using Seeds, Flowers & Clay

The end of summer is a magical time in the garden. Our apples and pears are ready for harvesting; we...Read more →

Summer Projects: Nature Prints, Fairy, Gnome and Shark!

Project 1: Clay Nature Prints You will need: Air drying clay, rolling pin, small glass, gold colouring pencil or paint, lots...Read more →

3 Super Easy Drawing Techniques - Sgraffito, Encaustic and Resist

Sgraffito You will need: paper, wax crayons (we have used Stockmar Crayons) and a scraper - included with all Stockmar Crayons...Read more →

Crafty Insect Projects

'Stained Glass' Paper Dragonfly  You will need: Scalpel, White Crayon, Black Card, Coloured Tissue or Kite Paper, Glue, Scissors.  ...Read more →

Wet on Wet Painting Tutorial

Wet on wet painting is so much fun, every one can do it and the results are always beautiful whether...Read more →

Tutorial on how to use our new egg decorating kits.

You Will Need: Our Luba Egg Decorating Kit, Eggs, Vinegar, Distilled Water, Jam Jars, Candles Prepare dyes and blow out...Read more →

Get creative with fun eco t-shirt crayons

It was recently my daughters first birthday and my son wanted to make her presents. Not just one but several,...Read more →

Easy To Make Air Dry Bowls

Simply role out your clay, emboss with either shells, lace, crochet, cones, anything that will create an interesting pattern. Cut...Read more →